Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Year, New Chloe.

And so it begins. New year, new blog and hopefully throughout the two, a little of the new me.

My name is Chloe, I'm 25 and I live on the West coast of South Wales (UK, not Australia, I could only dream!). I'm currently working as a hair stylist and I'm self-employed, although I'm still not a 100% certain this is what I want to do until I retire. I love my job for now though, for the most part, in particular, the perks of being self employed.

So, why a new blog? I've attempted to blog before, one beauty, that truthfully, I got bored with before it ever amounted to a worthwhile read. I also started a hair blog, from a professional viewpoint that ended up being sacrificed as my personal life took over any blogging time. I later decided I didn't want to blog solely about my job! Fickle, aren't I? ;)
And so we arrive here, at Unconditionally Fabulous! Named after a nail polish from MAC that I purchased not so long ago but on a more personal level, a title for my list of New Year's resolutions!

I spent my last evening of 2011 so completely unfabulously, by painting my nails and cleaning! I also thought up a few things I wanted to change and achieve over the coming months and thought it would be great to document them for myself, but if someone else reads my ramblings then that's great!

Many of my resolutions are small, simple goals, some are huge ones that could change my life. Some are related to my career and my little business but most are personal goals.

The main resolution for me this year is to lose weight. I'm currently between sizes 18-20 and I'm not happy. I've been dress sizes bigger and I've been smaller. I have been happy big and I absolutely do not dispute the fact that you can be fat and happy. This works for some people but it no longer works for me. My health is also suffering so I'm taking charge of it and changing. I lost over 3 stone a couple of years ago through Slimming World and I have returned to class today to try again. This is a plan that I wholeheartedly recommend and truly believe in. I'm sure there are going to be posting alot about this, especially as I come to grips with my new healthier lifestyle. I've also purchased a couple of games for the Wii fit to help me along and I'll be sure to let to you know how they go!

Other resolutions I have made are little more frivolous! I have decided I'm going to take more care with how I dress on a daily basis. I'm not unfashionable by any means, when I go out in public outside of work I always do my hair, makeup and smart clothes but I feel at times I'm frumpy and as my weight has crept back up, my wardrobe shrinks. I also sometimes dress frumpily for work, playing off the excuse that I ruin clothes so quickly from bleach, tints and hair. But that should not be an excuse, I can still have a fabulous all black work wardrobe that's also cheap! I also need to learn to be more careful with colours in work, but that is a whole other resolution! As well as the clothes, I want to start wearing more jewellery and using what I have, which is tons! I tossed all my old stuff and organised the new and I'm gonna wear some every day!

Beauty wise, I'm trying to get into the habit of a proper routine, finishing products and being disciplined with it! This is a really lazy habit, I have got into but I've been trying it this week and been good so far! I'm also trying to use my makeup daily, use my perfume and maintain my nails, in other words, be Unconditonally Fabulous!

So, what category would I put this blog under? Beauty? Weightloss? Fashion? Lifestyle? Who cares? I know that it's superficial and vain but I no longer care!

I hope I can produce something for everyone and that you haven't fallen asleep with my rambling!